What Does Your Name Really Mean?!

What’s In A Name

How important is your name?

Ask yourself: “If I did not have a name, how could I identify myself? If I had no name, who would I be?”

Your name is extremely important. Your name is your life! It is how you identify yourself. It is how others identify you. The more insight you have into the powerful influence of your name, the greater opportunity to enjoy the success you are capable of achieving. This web site will show you there is more to names and their meanings.

The hidden power of a name…

Mind and thought have their origin in an abstract plane of conscious intelligence, which comes into manifest form through the symbols of language. The brain is not the source of the mind, but merely the physical instrument of the mind. When name is attached to an individual, certain specific forces of conscious intelligence are combined. They constitute the nucleus of the mind. The conscious forces combined by the name can be represented by a numerical formula in much the same way as the basic chemical elements combined in a chemical compound can be represented by a chemical formula. The mental characteristics of an individual can be read from the numerical formula representing the person’s name, just as the characteristics of a chemical compound can be read from its chemical formula.

The Mathematical Principle

Languages, alphabets, and calendars are creations of mind that exist only in mind and are a part of mind. Their logic depends on consistency of their form and structure. An alphabet is a set of symbols representing the sounds of the language arranged in a definite order; a calendar is a consistent ordering of days, months, and years. The Kabalarian Philosophy contains the knowledge of the Mathematical Principle, which demonstrates the existence of nine basic forces of conscious intelligence that manifest in a natural sequence and operate through language and time, through name and the date of birth, to determine the mind, the pattern of thinking, and the life experiences of the individual.

Name Analysis

The Society of Kabalarians (a registered non-profit society) draws on over 70 years of research and experience in providing name analyses, which offer invaluable benefit to people in understanding their strengths and weaknesses both mentally and physically. The Mathematical Principle can be used to make recommendations for a change of name to a Balanced Name™, which offsets the weaknesses of the old name, and tunes the mind to the true inner potential determined from one’s date of birth. With a Balanced Name™ and understanding of the inner potential, everyone can make positive, constructive changes to achieve better health, success, harmonious personal relations, and a state of overall well-being.

So, what does your name really mean?

It can reveal a lot about your true personality.

Balanced Name Success Stories

The following are recent success stories from people who have benefitted from a Balanced Name Recommendation from the Kabalarian Philosophy:

Success Story #1

A friend of mine had been having some difficulty with one of her young children. This daughter was very bright; she was also very

stubborn and refused to do as she was directed by her parents and teachers. My friend had heard of the Society of Kabalarians and decided to contact them. Together they came up with a spelling change for her daughter and, seemingly overnight, the girl shifted into being kinder and more responsible. This got my attention!I have always had great respect of the indigenous people of this planet. As a child I remember hearing that as children grew into adulthood they were given a new name, one that would show their accomplishments or abilities to all the people. I also have a memory of a tribal elder holding a new born up to the heavens and declaring this child as …whatever name they chose. It seemed so important to them and the whole tribe was celebrating the new member of their family. That really touched me then and has stayed with me all of these years. Remembering this, it was pretty easy for me to give Kabalarian a call. When I read the Name Report they sent me, I was amazed by the accuracy. I spent a few days reading it over and over and I made the choice to take the leap and change my own name. I was about to turn 50 and felt that it was a good time to make some positive changes in my life. That was in December of 2008, the legal papers were signed February 2009, wow, and it’s only been 2 years. I say that because I feel like a different person. It’s hard to remember how ‘heavy’ life had felt before the new name changed all of that for me.

I know this is the part that you want to hear if you are considering changing your own name…What feels so “different?” you ask. The way I experience the world feels different, that’s all. I used to feel that life was quite serious, that I had to be my impeccable self at each moment especially in my career and raising my kids. I was very focused and good at what I was doing, but not a lot of fun. People depended on me to do things that they should have been doing and I was always willing to give up my time to assist others (at the expense of my family and my social life). Now, I am very clear on what is important to me and I have no issue saying ‘no’ when appropriate. My family and friends will attest that I am a lot more fun and much more available to them. The insecurity that I used to live with is no longer even present in my life. That is an awesome statement, yes? It is true completely. I can do my morning exercises barefoot in the park and not even think to look around to see is I am being watched. This is a very different experience from the way I used to be. Also, I am an artist and it matters not to me what anyone says about my talent or ability, I just sculpt because I love it. And I love doing what I love doing these days. I am joyful most of the time.

Also, I look different, my face is softer, my neck is relaxed and I no longer have swollen ankles and feet in the evenings. Also very cool.

I am working with the Society in naming my business as well. It has been a fun process and you will not meet a more dedicated, kind and helpful group of people.

Best wishes on your journey.

Have fun,

Adryanna B Ciera (you may use my name)


Success Story #2

What’s my name got to do with it?

In 1993, the internet and e-mail were still being invented. I was searching for answers out of a dead lock, catch-22 life. So a friend recommended I look at what my name has to do with it through Society of Kabalarians of Canada. They sent my request for a name change report through snail mail. I read it in the midst of an overwhelming life, looked at the funny names they suggested, thought I might have fancied a couple of them, and filed the report in my giant filing cabinet.

Last May (2010), while I was cleaning out that large filing cabinet that now held mountains of paper trails covering two decades of tedious work, the Name Report resurfaced. Once again my life was at a cross-roads. I felt stuck and wondered what the word “happy” really meant. So this time, I poured a hot cup of tea, closed the door, and re-read the Balanced Name Recommendation from 1993. I was already determined not to live the final twenty years of my life the way I lived them the previous twenty and more. I needed something to change. Not where I lived, notwho I loved, not just what I ate or how much or what kind of exercise, but something on the inside needed to change. I wanted to feel what Ithought “happy” was supposed to be.

I was shocked to see that over the past almost twenty years, about 80% of the Name Report had transpired, truly. There were things in Kabalarian’s report that only my soul could know about how I thought. I called them.

Croft Rolind (one of the staff at the office) was a dear man on that first call. “Oh yes, let’s see. Well, we have your address as….” I was impressed they had still a record of my early request. “Now we are digital” he said calmly but I could tell it rocked their world a bit, because he continued, “Now we can send you more names until you find one you like.”

Really? I’m in. I want a new name, a new life. I’m 60 and if I’m supposed to give my life in service to others, I sure would like to enjoy it. The surname was easy to find. I wanted to keep my initials the same. It was my way of honoring my given name and after 40 years my body had memorized the movement of my hand so I needed a name where I wouldn’t have to change my signature or my email account.

I asked to understand about the names they were choosing. Thinking I knew something about numerology, I wanted to participate in creating my new name, my new life. Clearly, I knew little. So I studied the Kabalarian Philosophy’s Life Analysis Training course. As a teacher, if I had to grade a student like me they would have been generous giving me a D- on the home study package. I needed to see the whites of the eyes of these people with balanced names. I’m going to Vancouver. The weekend seminar was confirming in many ways. I realized the names of the people close to me explained much of what I saw in them and how their lives were reflected by their name. The best part was that people called me by my new name.

Do I notice a difference with the new name?

The new name makes me smile. Someone looks at me, says my name, and I feel the corners of my mouth lift. It is the most defined experience of the name change that I can relay. In general I feel lighter, more peaceful, better able to deal with the drama of life. I have a 9 birthpath, and “they say” 9s are dramatic. Now that I know I’m dramatic, I live it consciously. I just tell people my passion appears as drama… deal with it… and my responsibility with the intensity of my expression will be to own the drama and not put it upon you. Life is more fun with this awareness. And I know there are many more days of smiling.

While I was living the new name, before it had become legal, I played with it. For a while, I didn’t know who I was or where I lived because I was traveling and using the new name in the new places. My family thinks I’m odd anyway. I tell them the name makes me smile. It is interesting to see the ones that want to give me the gift of my name and the people who claim I have made their life more difficult. I’ve never insisted they use my name, I just tell them it makes me smile. As the name becomes legal in all the parts of a long life, much of it public, I find the resolve and acceptance and wonder what the big deal was all about.

The people at the Society Kabalarians of Canada have been extremely supportive. Not just with information. I found this capsule of beings who live with balanced names carried an infectious atmosphere that I describe as “lightness of being.” In my mind, it was refreshing to see this much light in a group of people when darkness is so easy to find.

With gratitude,

Julianaa Satie – February 2011 – You can use my name

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Creates your Life!

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